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    Clearview Elementary


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Clearview Elementary PTO Officers


Dale Keesey
 Melanie Engel
Vice President
Kenrea Robinson
Shelly Absher

Kari Nelson



Clearview Elementary PTO has the following email address:  cvpto74@yahoo.com !

 Please feel free to contact the PTO with questions or suggestion or why not come out to a meeting?  We would like to hear from you! Additionally, if you are interested in helping out with a PTO event, please contact us through our email address!


The Clearview Elementary PTO is a non-profit organization comprised of parents and teachers whose purpose is to provide positive support to the students, the programs, the personnel and all activities within the school. The organization was established to promote and encourage participation in all aspects of the school's functions.


 PTO Meetings

September 21: Minutes

October 12: Minutes

January 18: Minutes

February 15:  Minutes

March 14: Minutes

April 18:  Minutes

May 23: Minutes